Can’t Judge A Home By It’s Cover

by Lee Bergum,


Have you ever been driving around a neighborhood and been amazed by the type and shape of some of the homes you have seen, Comments are,” wow that is beautiful”, “what a darling house that is”, “I would love a house like that”, etc.  Have you ever taken the time to think about how well built the house may be, how well insulated, how efficient of a home it is. With the economic times being what they are we need to put more credence into how well that (your) home is built.  Today when you build a home your stay in that home will be a lot longer, so energy costs are a major player in the cost of the dwelling.


                  At EPS we manufacture the solution to these issues; we have SIP’s, (structural insulated panel) a structural, energy efficient product that will address these items. If you are not familiar with these panels, they are a sandwich looking product that’s has a closed cell poly styrene sandwiched between two sheets of OSB. Panels come in 4” R-18; 6” R-26; 8” R-33; 10” R-40, and can be made up to 8’ x 24 ‘.  They are twice as strong as conventional framing and basically can be used anywhere you have standard framing.


With that in mind you need to consider building with these panels. Sure you will ask about the cost comparison, yes they may be a little higher, but they have a payback in 5 years or less with energy savings alone. This says nothing about the labor savings to install them.

With all that said, it seems that if you do care about what truly is inside of your home, you will care about what is inside the structure of your home.  The next time you look at that house or are considering building your own or even know of someone else that is in the building mood, ask yourself or them, if I truly want the most efficient home I can build, what should I consider, the answer should be SIP’s, the pictures you will see here or on our website are homes of SIP construction


Contact Lee Bergum DSM of Energy Panel Structures



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