100% Recycled, and with 100% Renewable Energy … toilet paper.

Before anyone starts jumping to conclusions here, the only issue I have is,.. not being able to resist a segue. Stadium urinals straight into toilet paper.

Visitors to our house, recipients of our flyers, attendees of our events and us here at Build Sustainable Homes all have used recycled or rapidly renewable materials for our consumable paper products. And unless you asked, you probably didn’t even realize it.

It is just one of those things that make sense to me, ethically and even more so lately financially. Mariesa has been great about recruiting people to purchase the Enviro 100 copy paper from Eureka Recycling. It costs less than copy paper from the big box office stores also! And we can find tissue paper for competetive prices at many of the places we shop. (check the chart at the end) After spending a good amount of time in the Pacific Northwest, and especially in Northern California’s redwoods, it definitely changes how you think about trees. Somehow I think that down the road, the fact that we used virgin forests to clean our fannies might not sit too well with our following generations. So, recycled content tissue paper = great concept, and now Van Hotum from the Netherlands has just raised the bar.

From GreenBiz News,

[ AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — “Claiming that it has made the world’s first carbon neutral toilet paper, manufacturer Van Houtum last Friday at the ISSA Interclean conference in Amsterdam, rolled out its new product, Satino Black.
(look how edgy these guys are! here we have giggly pink teddy bears pitching 0% recycled pillow soft toilet paper, and they use boxers, goth punks and firefighters to sell their 100% recycled product)

At the conference, the company highlighted its many environmental attributes, saying that over the course of the last two years, the company has overhauled its production processes to achieve the following results:

  • 100 percent recycled content, at least 85 percent of which is post-consumer
  • Cradle to Cradle certification at the Silver lever
  • Ecolabel certified since 2008
  • Manufactured using 100 percent renewable energy

When added up, Van Houtum says this is the world’s greenest toilet paper.”

"Black is the new green," Nick op den Buijsch, Concept Manager of Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship at Van Houtum, said in a statement last week. "Satino Black has been developed to get a step closer to the set environmental objectives with one simple act. This makes it possible for everyone to make a contribution to breaking through the unnecessary exhaustion of the natural resources on our planet."

According to the brochure for the new toilet paper and hand-towel line (available here as a PDF):

Satino Black is the end result of thinking ahead for many years about, "How can we minimize our impact on the environment?" Just before the environmental summit in Copenhagen, publications appeared to the effect that the use of toilet paper is among the top 5 domestic daily environmental ‘eco-crimes’. Many consumers don’t realize that most toilet paper is still made from live trees that are cut and processed for toilet paper. This is completely unnecessary. Toilet paper itself is a disposable product that disappears down the drain, it can not be recycled. ]


Since we are not in Holland however,
check out the NRDC’s Environmental Ratings of Household Tissue Paper Products no carbon neutral rating on that chart, but it rates total percentage recycled, percentage post-consumer, fsc, and chemicals used in the process.